I had been interested for a long time in multimedia films: those that combine video and still photographs. After Corinne made the film of LOVE, LOSS AND LAUGHTER in Australia, we began to work together. We initially filmed and photographed and made FINDING THE WHY, which won a prize in the Australian national competition for abbreviated films on health... Soon afterwards we made IT TAKES A COMMUNITY. Both were focused on excellent care communities in Australia.

A year later Corinne joined me in California where we visited the Silverado community where I had photographed and written for Alive with Alzheimer’s. We then continued to gather footage and photographs at several other Silverado communities in the San Diego- Los Angeles area. These were all used to create LOVE LIVES HERE.

Finally, in the summer of 2017 I discovered Landermeads Care Home in Nottingham, UK when I was photographing a 2.5 hour music session for the University of Worcester project on the use of art and music in dementia care. I was fascinated with the place and the little I learned about the Butterfly Model developed by David Sheard and his company, Dementia Care Matters. I read books David sent me and Corinne and I spent a week at Landermeads in November 2017., It was even more impressive than I had realized. In November 2018 we released our 4th film, WE ARE FAMILY, at the 13th UK Dementia Congress, where it received a standing ovation. We posted it with the others on YouTube on November 8 and within 2 months it had more than 6000 hits.

Below are brief descriptions of the 4 films and links that will allow you to access them from this site.


NSW, Australia [2014]

Finding the Why shares the story of Uniting’s Starrett Lodge and the ways in which its staff gives real meaning and purpose to the lives of residents, many of whom are living with dementia. Their unique approach to enabling active participation in life for aged care residents shines though on screen and culminates in a parachute jump for 86 year old Allen.


The film won the Your Voice category at the 2014 Reel Health International Short Film Festival, which was attended by director Corinne Maunder and several staff and residents from Starrett Lodge, including Marcia who at 93 years old took her first flight to attend the event in Melbourne.

AN IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: Corinne had been so eager to finish this film on time to submit it to a competition on health films that she neglected to put her name in the front or to indicate it was a FIRE FILMS production! I caught it a day or two after it was posted on YouTube but by the time she corrected it to say it was a FIRE FILMS production it already had many hits and many shares… We posted a new version but couldn’t take down the old one which already had been posted on many web sites to share. Only now are we taking that version down and leaving the right one up, with far fewer hits than it has actually had.


Queensland, Australia [2014]

It Takes a Community presents Arcare's unique relationship-centred approach to celebrating and supporting old age. Their ‘relational’ dedicated staffing model requires staff to commit to working regular shifts with the exact same elders every time they come to work so that strong relationships can develop.

On seeing the film, Dr Richard Taylor, author, retired psychologist and person who lived with dementia, commented: “This is what purpose in people's lives looks like, sounds like, feels like. This is a staff and community where they serve and help create giving and receiving respect, enabling a mutual support and love of each other, themselves, and living.”


California, USA [2016]

Love Lives Here explores how US-based memory care provider Silverado gives life to residents by embracing a core operating philosophy of love and recognising the value of the human spirit. Silverado has a unique approach that sees them getting people to do things that the top neurologists in the world said was impossible.

The film was shot at four different Silverado communities in California, and features interviews with associates (staff), residents, family members, and dementia-care experts, along with photographs and video footage of the day-to-day life of residents at Silverado. 


Nottingham, England [2018]

We Are Family premiered on November 8th, 2018 at the UK Dementia Congress in Brighton, England.

Landermeads embodies a culture of care where life is celebrated and embraced. The Butterfly model of care identifies that quality dementia care is all about the beauty of the moment and sharing life. We love the place and believe the film captures the reasons it was awarded Best Care Home in the UK in both 2017 and 2018.

In December 2018 Lori La Bey, a longtime fan of our work, invited us to do an interview on her program. It aired on January 1 and again on January 22, 2019, and continues to be hosted on her wonderful site: ALZHEIMER’S SPEAKS.

Thanks Lori!!!


Producer / Director / Founder
Film Films

Based in Melbourne, Australia

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Photographer / Sociologist / Author / Speaker
Professor Emerita of Sociology, Rutgers University

Based in Palm Springs, California, USA

Corinne is an exceptional storyteller with the ability to carefully craft thought-provoking films that affect people’s hearts. She's an award-winning producer, director and founder at Fire Films, a Melbourne-based production company that specialises in health and life science films and educational videos. To date, she has produced over 30 video resources about dementia and dementia care.

In 2003, at the age of 19, Corinne started her first video production business, shaping it over the last 15 years into Fire Films. Along the way she honed her storytelling and production skills in the Australian television drama industry, working in the camera department on top rating shows such as Rush, City Homicide, Stingers, Offspring, Winners and Losers, Underbelly, The Pacific, and more.

Today, Corinne is a sought-after speaker who has presented at conferences, workshops, film screenings, universities and other professional forums. In 2017 she delivered a workshop on the effective use of video for dementia awareness and education at the Alzheimer’s Disease International conference in Kyoto, Japan.

Corinne holds a Bachelor of Communication Studies (Digital Television Production) from the University of New England, Australia, and is currently completing a Bachelor of Science (Human Pathology) at Monash University, Australia.

After 38 years as a Professor of Sociology at Rutgers University, Cathy Greenblat took an early retirement in 2002.  Since then she has been a Professor Emerita of Sociology at Rutgers University, and has had honorary appointments at Glasgow Caledonian University, the University of Lancaster, and the Centre Mémoire et Recherche, Université de Nice.  Cathy lives most of the year in Palm Springs, California and regularly spends summer months in Europe.

Dr. Greenblat has become a globally known and internationally exhibited documentary photographer whose lens has been focused on high quality care for persons living with dementia, and on high quality end of life care.  Her work has become THE collection of photographs that challenge the widely held notion that people with dementia are “empty shells”, “no longer here”.  She shows that around the world, the most effective care puts the emphasis on love and laughter, while acknowledging the losses as real and painful.  Such care stresses stimulation, good communication, putting feelings first, and offering life enhancing experiences, including the arts.