I enjoy beautiful scenery, but I rarely photograph landscapes, being more interested in photographing people. A major exception to that was when I first went to the Monet gardens in GIverny, France. I was thrilled by the beauty of this famous garden in the Spring, and posted a set of photos from there on a small web site I created. I realized that the garden must be different in the different seasons, and when my dear friend Philippe MOUSSIER offered to take me back in the summer and the autumn I agreed with delight. My favorite images are presented here. I have never exhibited them but I have sold large prints to several people.

I never was that moved by a garden again until I was with Corinne Maunder on a short holiday prior to presenting at a conference in Kyoto, Japan in 2016. We had been advised to go to the “art island” of Naoshima. On the grounds of the magnificent Benesse Hotel were winding pathways of beautiful flowers. I had only my iPhone with me and the set presented here has not been processed in Lightroom at all — they are as they were taken…  Purchased images of course will be color corrected and produced professionally.

Photos from Giverny, France (Monet’s gardens)

Photos from Naoshima